ACOM Scale

Product Description
Price Computing Scale PC-100 15kg

● Add up with weighing of price and transaction number
● Add up of listed commodity price
● Multiplication of listed commodity price
● 32 direct PLU keys with selective tare
●Daily price accumulation with transaction number of an each direct PLU and entire sales
● Selective unit price and tare saving
● Change calculation


Maximum capacity
6.000kg / 12,000lbs
15.000kg / 30.00lbs
30.000kg / 60.00lbs

Minimum graduation
0.002kg / 0.004lb
0.005kg / 0.01lb
0.010kg / 0.02lb

Maximum Tare
- 6.000kg / - 12,000lbs
- 15.000kg / -30.00lbs
- 30.000kg / -60.00lbs

Internal resolution
60,000 counts

Display resolution

A/D Conversion speed
9 times/sec

Direct PLU
32 PLU (Pole type)

200(Unit price only), 100(Unit price and tare)

VFD Price(6), Weight(5), Unit price(6)
Designators (kg/1b version)
Zero, Net, Stable, Save, Acc, Day (kg, lb, $/kg, $/lb)

Platter size mm(inch)
350(13.8) × 270(10.6)

Product size mm(inch)
Poled →365(14.4) × 365(14.4) × 470(18.5) No poled →365(14.4) × 365(14.4) × 160(4.0)

Power source
AC115, 230/50,60Hz

Dot matrix printer
Paper width 75mm with double paper / Maximum 40 columns / Store name, Telephone NO., Data etc.
Battery power pack
Rechargeable batter inside
Weight conversion
kg/lb convertible
RS-232C Interface
Hand shake mode